Exploring now becomes joyful and affordable with the arrival of VIRTUAL TOUR application!!

Today the tourists package with a tour guide are extremely over-priced and are not affordable by common people. There is no authenticity of the information provided by the guide and he may not be well versed with all the languages. There is no accountability for his rude behavior.

Tourists tend to waste a lot of time at a given place, there by missing out other serene and beautiful places with rich history. They are to lazy to read lengthy inscriptions and engravings. Inspite of having Google as a huge search database at their finger tips, they never use it to learn about what’s infront of them. The tourist find it too difficult to roam around in the scorching sun for long distances reviewing the history of the place. Thus, there is this lack of an existing means which makes the heritage history interesting and catchy, thereby, questioning the inquisitiveness of the tourists and forcing them to learn about the history of the place and finding its inner beauty.

The solution to the above problem is the idea to develop a virtual tour application, which will mainly focus on delivering the history related to the ancestral monuments in an effective and interesting manner.

The following are identified as the key appealing features that the package will provide,in order to accomplish our mission.The application will be user specific.It will begin with quiz in order to test the current level of the understanding of the user about the given tourists place and then accordingly,deliver to him the facts and events that took place there,in an interesting way.

To make the interface between the virtual guide and the user more friendly,the user will be provided with an option to select super heroes/cartoon characters as their guide and have them deliver the facts with their voice in multiple languages.Additional details about relative things such as facts related to its king etc,will be provided on demand.Special effects and minute animations will be put in to make it an interesting deliverable.

We planned to work on 360 degree video with interaction.Our focus is to show Brihadeeshwara temple (location-Thanjavur) via Virtual Reality. The quiz part will be a part of our virtual tour,the module for our quiz is almost done with audio effect.We prepared a sample model for our project with videos (360 degree videos) provided by faculties.



III rd Mechatronics,