SASTRA_TBI organized a webinar on ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ on 28th August 2021 for the Incubatees, students and Faculties from SASTRA University. The eminent speakers of the webinar were Mr. M.S Bharath, founder of KRIA Law & Ms. Akshaya P Sachin, partner at KRIA Law. They gave a brief Introduction on IPR and explained the various related terms such as copyrights, patents, Designs, Trademarks, GI processing, with real-time examples and also explained what can be patented and what cannot be patented as per rules. At the end of the session, the webinar was further enlightened by interesting questions & answer session which gave valuable insights on various aspects of IPR.
An Interactive session on “Startup Essentials “ with the topic of “Basics during launching of startups” was presented by Industry expert Mr Hrishikesh Datar, founder and CEO of Vakilsearch. He covered various legal aspects for start-ups including Registration, Incorporation Entity, Licenses, Raising Capital, Founding & Employment Agreements, Funding, Taxation & Complaints, Intellectual Properties, Copyrights, Import & Export formalities, Legal documentation, benefits of MSME etc. More than 40 participants attended the webinar which included incubates from FIRST-TBI and faculties from SASTRA University. It was an interactive session and the speakers answered many queries raised by the participants.
A Webinar on ‘Machine Learning Trends in Engineering Applications’ was organized by SASTRA-TBI in collaboration with  School of Computing on 20th July 2021, through online mode. The speakers of the webinar were Prof. Santhi and Prof. Brindha from SoC who discussed the topics of basics of Machine Learning, ML Algorithms, ML Tools and libraries with datasets, and explained how these concepts are applied in various real-time engineering research applications. Finally, they demonstrated various use-cases to enlightened the participants about the world of Machine Learning and Data Science.
On 29th May 2021, Mr Rohan Raghunanda, who is a Mechanical engineer and is an expert in 3D printing technology participated in a webinar titled “Basics of Additive Manufacturing “. He started his own company Addere Creations in the year 2017 and has also filed many patents. Addere Creations offers various programs for the industries, students, and Innovators like Trainings, Workshops, Internships, Courses, Technical feasibility studies and custom material selections in the areas of 3D Designing, 3D Scanning etc., He shared his knowledge & his experiences with the startup journey. More than 80 participants (Faculty & Students) from SASTRA University & various colleges joined the webinar virtually.
An exclusive webinar session on “Digital Farming for Sustainable Agriculture” in the areas of IoT, AI, Drones, AR/VR and Robotics was presented by Mr Santhosh, CEO from TABIF for the Incubatees and the students of SASTRA University. He discussed the Agri based product requirements and nurturing the start-ups in operational areas related to Farm Innovation, Food Innovation & Agricultural Engineering Innovation. This webinar helped the participants in understanding the challenges, benefits and necessity of the technological advancements in the agriculture space.
Core Team of IoT Club conducted a webinar on IoT communication protocols for the students from SASTRA University and various colleges. They had an overview of sensors, microcontrollers, wireless protocols, cloud computing etc., Finally, the IoT Prototype model was demonstrated to the students and they Implemented with Arduino Board, esp8266, interfacing sensors with GPIO Pins, Upload the data to the Cloud using the Adafruit platform and overview the application of NodeMcu ESP8266.
An Insightful webinar session on Overview of Additive Manufacturing and its Applications“  with Dr Venkateswaran from ARK Infosolutions Pvt.Ltd exclusively for 3DP club students. He has 9 years of experience in the field of Academic R&D, Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping Services. He addressed the need for 3D Printing technology and its various applications including medical device, implants, Industry 4.0, Digital fabrication, Mechanical and Automobile etc. He explained the different types of 3d printing machines, materials, and working model of the 3DPrinter. In the end, He highlighted the medical product equipment during the Covid19 Pandemic such as Protective Masks, Face Shields, 3-D Ventilator Splitter etc.,
Interactive session on “Introduction to IoT and its Applications” with Mr Shivakumar from ShivRobotics R&D lab. He is expertise in 3D printing technology, Embedded system and the Internet of Things. He started his company ShivRobotics in the year 2015. He discussed the IoT concepts with real-time examples. He projected his product such as Automation Appliances, Smart metering, Robot Vacuum cleaner etc. A total of 30 students attended the webinar from the club. From the WEBINAR, the participants had the opportunity to know about the tools to develop innovative projects and product development using IoT Technology.
An exclusive webinar session was organised by SASTRA-TBI for VR Club students on the topic of “Virtual Reality and its Impact” by Mr Pratham Sehgal who has an in-depth knowledge of the AR/VR technologies at Pupilfirst. He is a course delivery and content manager, he trained the VR/AR course to students and faculties from schools and Universities. He delivered a lecture about Virtual Reality and its applications in various areas like enterprises, academia, defence, aeronautics and lots more. He also presented the use cases via videos such as an augmented Reality IOS app for kids, 5G Technology, AR Unreal Engine, and Infinite office etc.
Webinar on “Introduction on Emerging Technologies” was held on 27th January 2021 exclusively for Shanmugha Polytechnic Students. Mr Martin, Field Co-ordinator from IEDP EDII Hub at SASTRA University, invited Mr Anantharaman, CEO at SASTRA-TBI, Faculties and participants of the event. At the beginning of the session, Mr R. Anantharaman discussed Entrepreneurship and TBI facilities such as 3D Printing, the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and Drones. A total of 100 participants joined the webinar virtually. Finally, They had an interactive session with an intensive question/answer and the opportunity to know about the tools to develop an innovative project by leveraging these latest technologies.
Startup Support Services – 30.12.2020
Interactive Session on “Startup Support Services” with Ms. Anupama Krishnan, CO-Founder and Strategist from HAPPYMAN BUSINESS SERVICES  shared their insights topics on Challenges and Opportunities faced by startups during their journey in the areas of Ideation, Sales & Operations, Marketing, Human Resources, legal issues, Finance and Product Management.
Digital Marketing /Digital Positioning – 14.10.2020
A session on “Demystifying Digital Marketing” with Ms Priya Parthasarathy discussed how digital marketing helps small businesses to build a relationship with customers through digital tools such as the Internet, smartphone, Advertising and emerging technologies.
Big Data/ Data Analytics and its changing world order – 18.9.20
A session on big data and data analytics with Mr. Kumar Ramanathan from Positive Integers to get the understanding of decision science framework, feature engineering for machine learning, pace of innovation and user adoption acceleration etc.
Webinar on Introduction to Blockchain and its impact in the job market was delivered by Mr. Vijay, VP – Emurgo Learning. Students from SASTRA University had a overview of Blockchain application in healthcare, banking, trade finance and its implementation methodology. Also the growing market and its job opportunities were discussed. 
Webinar on Innovation and Entrepreneurship was organized by SASTRA TBI and EDII for the students and faculties from colleges of Trichy.  They were exposed to the currents Industrial trends and entrepreneurs of TBI detailed their startups in 3D Printing, IoT, VR and Drones. Discussion on Ideapreneurship, Startup cycle and Incubation procedures were explained. 
Webinar on Integrating Business with IoT – Convergence between IT and OT, AI, ML, SaaS were discussed with Incubatees and Students of SASTRA University. Mr. Arun Nagarajan, CEO – Syook, took us through Stack, B2B – B2C sectors and product delivery challenges. Mr. Aman shared a technical experience of Syook in Oilfield Industry.
Interactive session with Mr. Subir Gosh – 15.5.2020 An insightful online session on how to raise business for the incubatees with Business building advisory and grow more coach.
Online Sessions on ‘What is takes to become a successful startup‘ was organized for the Incubatees of SASTRA TBI. 
1: Know where you are by Mr. R. Anantharaman
2: Product Life Cycle by Mr. S. Rangarajan 
3: Lean Canvas/CVP by Mr. Ravi Swaminathan
4: Acquiring Funding by Mr. G. Subbu
5: Success Stories by Dr. U. Chandrasekar