Student Innovators Club

Student activities- Launch of Orientation program, Students Innovation club & Weekly Innovation days:We received the students to the campus after the pandemic lockdowns, with a launch of an initiative to help the students to be aware of the FABLAB facilities, Innovation initiatives and the support system which exists in our FIRST TBI. Along with this, we also launch a Students Innovators club to have a Long-term skilling & engagement model. The result of these sessions is to find and nurture student with potential Ideas, skill them and help to turn it into a successful prototype.

Step 1 – Orientation of Students & Launch of Student Innovators Club:The Result of the program conducted so far is we divided in to 8 student’s clubs in the domain of 3D Printing, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Biotech, Genomics, Drones, AI/ML clubs to skill the students in the technology area and business side also

Step2 – Launch of Idea to Prototype (I2P) Cohort for the Student Innovators Club-Subsequent to the membership drive through the “Student Innovators Club”, we are in the process of launching a full-fledged cohort program to impart basic technology & Business skills. While the Technology skill cover our thrust areas like Additive Manufacturing, IoT, AI/ ML, Virtual reality etc and Business skills will cover Design thinking, Business plan creation etc In addition to the above cohort program, FIRST TBI has also launched “Weekly Innovation Day” on weekly Wednesdays. During this day, activities like Tech Talks, Innovation demo’s, etc. are planned for the student innovator club members.