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Catch Them Young – The Tech Training

TechSiksha collaborates with schools to offer a Tech Training package for 3 days with 4 training programs and a site seeing of Thanjavur at the end!!
Here are some of the highlights…
The Velammal International School – Students of grade 8 and 9 from The Velammal Group attended 3D Printing, MIT Scratch Programming, Drones and Virtual Reality workshop at SASTRA TBI. They had a hands on sessions on all four upcoming technologies which helped them to understand the Industrial applications better.
Exposure Visit – Engineering students from colleges around Trichy and Thanjavur visited SASTRA TBI for an exposure to emerging technologies such as 3D Printing, Internet of Things and Virtual Reality. Projects and on-going researchers on these technologies were discussed.
Students from R.S.K Higher Secondary School had an exposure to the emerging Technology at SASTRA TBI and they learnt about the Block programming on Drones. All students learnt block programming and had hands-on experience on Drones.
120 Students from R.S.K Higher Secondary School had a one day workshop on 3D Printing at SASTRA TBI. They were trained on the basics of 3D Printing, designing and slicing. Models designed by students were 3D printed and they were rewarded with the printed models.

SCHOOL MODELS – How to make learning easier using 3D Printing ?

Educational models made using 3D printing mechanism, helps in promoting and enhancing the joy of studying, making complex mechanism look easier for students to get better understanding. Furthermore students get to know about different parts used in the mechanism and it reduces the burden of the teachers to make notes and presentations.
Currently 3D printed models of slider crank mechanism, whitworth mechanism, scotch yoke mechanism, elliptical trammels, screwjack, Oldham coupling and V8 engine are available and are printed using MakerBot Replicator.
The ultimaker family of 3D printers are used to create prototypes, that can validate the design which is given as input. Some of its features include LCD display, On-board camera, USB, WiFi, Ethernet connectivity and it enables remote control via access to Cloud.