Robotics Club

About usRobotics club explore the various opportunities in the field of robotics and are always updated with the evolving concepts and splendid technologies. And most importantly we keep the ‘engineer’ in us always alive!.This club is to help aspiring innovators to transform into a successful startup. We actively organize various club activities like a web expo, where we showcase our projects, pitch-in new ideas and get some guidance from our professors which helps us in improving ourselves and performing even better in the future. It gives us a better exposure to encounter new inventions and not only to gain knowledge but also to share them. During this process, we develop leadership and managerial skills, improving our vocabulary and presentation skills, giving speeches, pitching our ideas and overcoming stage fear. This enhances our skills and shapes us into better engineers.

Our VisionOur vision is to inculcate the passion for various technologies among our fellow students that drive them towards innovations and reaching new milestones.

Our MissionOur mission is to make a better and a newer version of every existing idea, integrating it with the right concepts of technology, especially using the domain of robotics, giving it a new form with more features, improved performance and setting new benchmarks. Thus, there prevails a constant aura of technology and robotics in and around RCS!..

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