Propeller Technologies

Our Work : 

Propeller Technologies focuses primarily on B2B; it also provides end-to-end solutions by setting up a laboratory that provides quality engineers and enables students to participate in national and international competitions and engage them in start-up competitions. We make them study the technology from day-to-day problems instead of making students learn a predefined syllabus, and they develop simple products that solve their problems, which makes the students very familiar to the technology and it moulds them to construct some products or prototypes once the problem statement is given.”
Propeller Technologies has incubated certain STEM Models like Me and My invention research kit at Sastra University and Crescent University, Apart from STEM training, Propeller Technologies is also concentrating on the product development process and researches in adding more intelligence to the robotic systems. They have designed India’s most intelligent robots like Zafi , Zafira, Zafi Go and many more, which have received a good response in the market.