Our Work

Custom Alexa Skill:
Millennial generation needs everything that is technology-driven. Times have changed, and teaching ways are not the same as they used to be earlier. Today, the smart education system drives new teaching ways in terms of audio and visual learning. Interactive learning systems integrated with voice-based services can provide a great cognitive environment for students.A smart education system is a blend of traditional and modern teaching methods. Voice-enabled Alexa skills help to assist in teaching and learning programs. It not only helps to develop digital fluency but also helps to assist students in problem-solving. Using Alexa skills development, school students can get access to on-demand information about their curriculum and subjects and the latest updates on their courses. Thereby, Virtual classroom teaching can be implemented with a new reality, and Alexa will play a significant role in it.We built aAlexa customskill for school students to offer comprehensive learning programs for the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology between classes 6th&12th. The skill was developed based on NCERT board syllabususing state of the art technology of Alexa.
Medical Image Diagnosis:
As far as infectious diseases are considered, prevention, monitoring, rapid-response, and management efforts to be particularly helpful in decelerating or filibustering outbreaks. Infectious diseases are very challenging to diagnose in the early stage, with an excessive failure rate resulting in a high fatality and alarming rate of drug resistance. One of the most thrives of AI is often seen in life-threatening and time-sensitive conditions. In most of these kinds of critical situations, AI can help us better diagnose problems easily and quickly so that we can make decisions easily and act quickly. A novel Coronavirus outbreak is first reported in Wuhan City, China on November 2019 is a world pandemic. The virus spreads rapidly from human to human and it causes severe respiratory illness to the people irrespective of their age groups. Deep Learning solutions are especially significant in diagnosing the findings on medical imaging and health analytics. E-SikSha developed a new deep learning solution to assist radiologists in screening COVID-19 patients from normal and other patients using chest radiography
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Sign Language Recognition:
Sign Languages are the predominant form of communication medium used by the deaf and hard of hearing society. Like spoken languages, SL have their own grammatical rules and linguistic structures. To facilitate easy and clear communication between the hearing and the impaired community, E-SikSha build a robust system that can translate spoken languages into sign languages and vice versa.