Google Developer Student-Clubs

About usThe Google Developer Student Clubs is an initiative powered by Google Developers, bringing in like-minded people together to share ideas and solve real-life problems. GDSC Sastra has several technical and non-technical clusters working in an integrated manner to empower the student community through technology!.GDSC Sastra indulges in conducting workshops, study jams, and a lot more. We encourage students to participate in various challenges, hackathons and also guide them with our proficient team. We convene to brainstorm and build community projects aimed at improving the lives of people. They pave way to applying one's technical knowledge to real-world systems, thereby helping students excel in their field of career. We serve as a platform to unwrap the skills inside one's self!

Our VisionWe strive to build a transparent and interactive peer student community, upsurging one's technical skills. We focus on bringing the best out of students for the betterment of society. We have in view, to accelerate the rate of innovations and entrepreneurial development to enhance towards a better technical ecosystem

Our MissionWe aim to channelise the curiosity of students and envision their technical expertise into reality! We share our knowledge and inspire students to build prototypes and solve globally persistent problems. We help students mould their personalities and develop leadership skills!

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