About us

The main objective of DigiDent is to develop knowledge about medical designs like cranio, splint and maxilla by using dental scanners and Haptic devices which gives the practical vision for medical studies. It creates prototype for the dental models using 3D printers.
Team: Mr. Krishnakanth
            Sankar Sai K, Bharathwaraj I and M.Ganesh

Our Work

DICOM to STL conversion – How to convert MRI data into a model?

DICOM to STL conversion is used to create a 3D scale model that anyone can print. The 3D model can be created with the MRI scan data that can be printed out on any 3D printer. The 3D model helps the surgeon with a detailed pre surgical plan reduces the pre-operative period of a surgery.
With the advent of 3D printing, it is now possible to print a model of  bones, innards and other anatomical structures starting from a CT/MRI scan 3D image. This 3D printed model is utilized to pre-plan the surgery (or) design the implant. In future it is expected that this technology would produce bio printed organs for transplantation.