CROBOT Technologies

Use Cases of Telepresence Robot

The revolution on internet of things have enabled every one of us to do multi-tasking across the globe sitting in our office. In this scenario, there are situations where we may be compelled to attend more than two task in a day at distant locations. Additionally, the overheads on the logistics incurred during such visits are too high and also these travels introduce lot of fatigue. Telebotz manufactured by CTPL serves as a one stop solution. Telebotz is a telepresence robot designed and manufactured by CTPL that can be controlled for navigation using your mobile phone. Telebotz also enables the user to interact with people in its environment through voice and video interface. The user can save on energy, expenses due to travel and other logistics.
Our Offer along with Telebotz:
  • A dedicated web app powered by CROBOT Technologies for B2B customers, where they can book clients and give on rent their Telebotz.
  • A dedicated web app powered by CROBOT Technologies for the B2C model.
  • Complete backend data and internet bandwidth maintenance on a nominal monthly subscription.