Our Work : 

3DIPS specializes on the design, development and fabrication of miniaturized and customized 3D-printed microfluidic platforms for research. The objectives of 3DIPS include accelerate research through (a) development of miniaturized systems that require lesser sample, time and material cost; (b) development of miniaturized mimics of large scale bioreactors as substitute to conventional shaker flasks. 3DIPS is capable of offering services related to the generation and screening of designs based on user requirements. The capability to work with a variety of materials and complex geometries is a hallmark of this venture. As a proof of concept, 3DIPS has developed an innovative microfluidic handling system for separation of plasma from blood, which can be integrated with a suitable electrochemical sensor.  Similarly, miniaturized shell and tube heat exchangers have also been developed and tested for their suitability for research.