Agri-IoT Club

About usAn Agri-IoT club of SASTRA-TBI, has a conglomerate of enthusiastic SASTRA students to work on Agri related projects by leveraging the IoT-driven insights to digitalize the agricultural process. This club is to help aspiring innovators to transform into a successful startup. We have conducted various programs and there are many more exciting events that are steered up in near future such as workshops and hackathons. Our vision is to empower the farmers by providing the innovative solutions to their real time problems encountered by them.

Our VisionOur vision is to be a pioneer in modernizing agriculture in India by adopting technology and innovative practices to increase effiency of the agricultural industry. Our club will provide solutions to the real-world problems of agriculture with high efficiency and seamless deployment.

Our MissionOur mission is to develop a ensemble of technological paradigms for all the agricultural processes related to, monitoring crops, soil, storage and any important factor concerned with value added products.

Applications of Agri-IoT

Precision Farming

Harvesting Robot

Weeding Robot

Agricultural Spraying drone

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