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DigiQuality works on ensuring quality of the products using image processing techniques. It detects and classify parts with images as input which will further be proceeded to determine all the physical parameters.
Team: Dr. G. R. Brindha
            Soundhariyaa M and Amirthavarshini

How automotive parts are identified ?

Due to the existence of large number of automotive centers and availability of a variety of spare parts in the market ,it is difficult to get perfectly fitting spare parts. Also, the knowledge of the workers in the service centers are not well equipped with the old generation vehicles.
This project develops a system that manages the purchases and orders with an added feature of recognizing the part just by capturing the image. A smart phone application with an interface which detects the mechanical parts along with its specifications through images is developed . The application classifies images based on already existing dataset using machine learning. Image recognition is carried out using Convolution Neural Network  multi label image classification and the cloud connectivity is implemented using the GCP(Google Cloud Platform) which gives access to all. The advantage  is that whenever the customer is not  able to access the company service centers  this application helps the customer to check the originality of the spare part thus preventing the usage of duplicates which reduces the efficiency of the mechanism.