About us

CropX aims to automate farming harnessing the power of IoT and Cloud Computing with its first focus on automating irrigation. Our product will be completely autonomous requiring little to no input from the farmer while proving deep insights of the farm to the farmer on an easy to use mobile/web application.
Team: Ms. K. Fathima
            Venkatraman R, Aarthi P and Janani Priya S.S

Our Work

The technology that is rapidly transforming many industries worldwide is the Internet of Things. Agriculture, being the livelihood of millions of Indians, is one industry that is yet to widely adopt this technology.


CropX aims at leveraging the power of IoT by deploying an array of sensors in an agricultural field to automate irrigation and monitor various parameters of the field in real time from their smartphone. Soil moisture sensors measure the volumetric water content in soil. Watermark sensor used here is a resistive device that responds to changes in soil moisture. The sensor data is acquired by a component called Waspmote Plug & Sense. Xbee868LP is used for long-range wireless communication between the sensors and the network gateway, which in turn is connected to the internet via ethernet or cellular network.


Cloud computing (AWS) is used to process and store the data. Commands to the actuators are sent from AWS through a Raspberry Pi. Using IFTTT notifications are sent to the user’s smartphone. Real-time monitoring is done through a user dashboard