Web meet with Ascentya R&D– 26.8.2020
Dr. Gopalakrishnan briefed the technologies and applications in the area of Drones and Internet of Things.
Digital Marketing /Digital Positioning – 14.10.2020
A session on “Demystifying Digital Marketing” with Ms.Priya Parthasarathy discussed how digital marketing helps small businesses to build a relationship with customers through digital tools such as Internet, smartphone, Advertising and emerging technologies.
Big Data/ Data Analytics and its changing world order – 18.9.20
A session on big data and data analytics with Mr. Kumar Ramanathan from Positive Integers to get the understanding of decision science framework, feature engineering for machine learning, pace of innovation and user adoption acceleration etc.
Webinar on Introduction to Blockchain and its impact in the job market was delivered by Mr. Vijay, VP – Emurgo Learning. Students from SASTRA University had a overview of Blockchain application in healthcare, banking, trade finance and its implementation methodology. Also the growing market and its job opportunities were discussed. 
Webinar on Innovation and Entrepreneurship was organized by SASTRA TBI and EDII for the students and faculties from colleges of Trichy.  They were exposed to the currents Industrial trends and entrepreneurs of TBI detailed their startups in 3D Printing, IoT, VR and Drones. Discussion on Ideapreneurship, Startup cycle and Incubation procedures were explained. 
Webinar on Integrating Business with IoT – Convergence between IT and OT, AI, ML, SaaS were discussed with Incubatees and Students of SASTRA University. Mr. Arun Nagarajan, CEO – Syook, took us through Stack, B2B – B2C sectors and product delivery challenges. Mr. Aman shared a technical experience of Syook in Oilfield Industry.
Interactive session with Mr. Subir Gosh – 15.5.2020 An insightful online session on how to raise business for the incubatees with Business building advisory and grow more coach.
Online Sessions on ‘What is takes to become a successful startup‘ was organized for the Incubatees of SASTRA TBI. 
1: Know where you are by Mr. R. Anantharaman
2: Product Life Cycle by Mr. S. Rangarajan 
3: Lean Canvas/CVP by Mr. Ravi Swaminathan
4: Acquiring Funding by Mr. G. Subbu
5: Success Stories by Dr. U. Chandrasekar