About us

SiSi is a Smart Industry 4.0 System Integrator which helps in providing training solutions for manufacturing industries. It works on VR PoC for TVS as first step.
Team: Mr. Senthil Anand
            Vamsi dhar Reddy Y, Durga H R and Valiveti Sriram Kumar

Our Work


Do the power cuts manage your productivity?
Do monitoring the generators at multiple sites bother you?!?
Do you scratch your heads about the data of your generators ?!
Aren’t you aware of the fuel level in the tanks ?
If it is “Yes” to any of the above questions then we  SENSE IoT will solve your problems

What we do?

monitoring the fuel level and coolant level of generator remotely
Alerts over sms and mail
Fraud(fuel theft)  prevention
Data transparency
Automatic filling of the fuel tank
Interactive Dashboards

How we do?

The sensors will installed on fuel and coolant tank of your generator  which are connected to a micro controller
The data is transferred to your dash board through MQTT protocol
The user is notified with an sms though IFTTT application if the level is low
The motor will be switched on automatically
If the fuel level is low .
The fuel data and coolant level will be provided for thirty day.

Do you want to take part in this ?