Recent Happenings


Webinar on Integrating Business with IoT – Convergence between IT and OT, AI, ML, SaaS were discussed with Incubatees and Students of SASTRA University. Mr. Arun Nagarajan, CEO – Syook, took us through Stack, B2B – B2C sectors and product delivery challenges. Mr. Aman shared a technical experience of Syook in Oilfield Industry.
Webinar on Introduction to Blockchain and its impact in the job market was delivered by Mr. Vijay, VP – Emurgo Learning. Students from SASTRA University had a overview of Blockchain application in healthcare, banking, trade finance and its implementation methodology. Also the growing market and its job opportunities were discussed. 
Webinar on Innovation and Entrepreneurship was organized by SASTRA TBI and EDII for the students and faculties from colleges of Trichy.  They were exposed to the currents Industrial trends and entrepreneurs of TBI detailed their startups in 3D Printing, IoT, VR and Drones. Discussion on Ideapreneurship, Startup cycle and Incubation procedures were explained. 
Online Sessions on ‘What is takes to become a successful startup‘ was organized for the Incubatees of SASTRA TBI. 
1: Know where you are by Mr. R. Anantharaman
2: Product Life Cycle by Mr. S. Rangarajan 
3: Lean Canvas/CVP by Mr. Ravi Swaminathan
4: Acquiring Funding by Mr. G. Subbu
5: Success Stories by Dr. U. Chandrasekar

Event Highlights

Daksh, SASTRA University’s techno-management extravaganza, entered its fourteenth edition with the theme being ‘smart living’. The first day began with powerful speeches by prominent speakers – Shri Dushyant Shridhar, renowned speaker and thought leader, Mr. Kovaichelvan from TVS Institute, Mr. Chandramoulishwaran from Paypal, and Ms. Yamouna David of the International Happiness Observatory. Eight hackathons with students working on smart solutions of value to society and the industry with the problem statements given by prestigious companies and the collector of Thanjavur himself. Nearly fourteen winning teams walked away with SASTRA TBI’s promise to support their endeavors, and a substantial cash prize as well.
AR – VR and IoT workshops at Daksh2020, the technical festival of SASTRA University was powered by SASTRA-TBI. Students from various universities in and around Tamil Nadu participated in the workshops on Feb 21, 22 and 23. They were given hands-on experiences on Unity, SparkAR, Vuforia, Embedded systems, Wireless communication protocol, App development and Cloud platform. All students had the real time experience in VR HMDs and developed a prototype of home automation kit.
Mr. Venkatesh Vijayaraghavan, Director and CEO, Cavinkare, the keynote speaker of Startup Weekend shed his insights on business models and innovative processes in different brands ranging from telecom to personal care. Dr. Chandrasekhar U, Program Director – AddWize Wipro3D delivered the domain address in 3D-Printing and Additive Manufacturing and Mr. Manickam Loganathan, Global Head – NextGen Design to Mfg CoE, Engineering & Industrial Services at TCS on IoT-VR. Panel discussion on Securing early-stage funding consisted of Mr.S. Rangarajan, Mr. Ramakrishnan K, Mr. Arun Natarajan and Mr. G. Ramasubramanian who are venture capitalists and investment stalwarts.
Startup Weekend & Pitchfest – Industrial experts delivered power talks on the emerging technologies, developing industrial use cases with collaborative opportunities and Panel discussion on securing funding for Innovators and Incubators. A session on Innovation Voucher Program (IVP) for early startup Technopreneurs was delivered by EDII TN. Many techno startup ideas were presented by the students from various colleges and the ideas were evaluated by the mentors of SASTRA TBI.
IoT and AR Hackathon – PTC and Adroitec conducted a Hackathon on Internet of Things and Augmented Reality using Thingworx and Vuforia at SASTRA-TBI. Students worked for 48 hours with ideas on Predictive Maintenance – Fluid Pumping System, Air Pollution Monitoring system, Smart Farming, Smart Building – Ambiance Monitoring, AR – Models of Buildings and Automobile Customization.
Smart Agriculture with Farmers – Farmers from Trichy and Thanjavur visited SASTRA TBI to explore the technologies on IoT and Drones for Smart Agriculture
The Velammal International School – Students of grade 8 and 9 from The Velammal Group attended 3D Printing, MIT Scratch Programming, Drones and Virtual Reality workshop at SASTRA TBI. They had a hands on sessions on all four upcoming technologies which helped them to understand the Industrial applications better.
South India Dev Fest – 4.10.19 – South India Developer fest brings together the world’s leading thinkers, global trendsetters and Visionary Speakers, who share their new ideas of our digital future. We had around 8+ speakers with Techtalks and workshop on Alexa, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Google Cloud. We had attendees from engineering domain of SASTRA University and other nearby colleges.
IoT Workshop – An introductory workshop to Internet of Things was organized by TBI to first year engineering students of SASTRA University. The workshop had hands on session on ESP 32, NodeMCU and cloud interface with real time applications as examples.
Catch Them Young: Entrepreneurship for STEM students – SASTRA arranged for 3D printing, IoT and Virtual Reality Lab tour for STEM students from Velammal Bodhi Campus, Thanjavur. More than 900 students have been covered. Students were given brief introduction to the technology and startup eco system followed by facility tour.
Facebook Hackathon (Mentor + Build Day) – 16.9.19 – 17.9.19 – Facebook Build day 2019 was organized by SASTRA TBI and held at SASTRA University, Thanjavur. It was great success and ended with 150+ Developers, 30+ Women Developers and 34 Product build and submitted for the International level. The technologies for the Hackathon were around SPARK AR, React360 & HTML5GAMES. All participants from SASTRA University and other Colleges stayed for the event for two whole days and had the successful completion of their products. Top three teams from all three categories were awarded with cash prize by SASTRA TBI.
Entrepreneurship and Technology Business Incubation – An Awareness Program on Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship for the First year students of SASTRA Deemed to be university to foster their Innovation and Ideation process. All students were given the facility visit of 3D printing, IoT and Virtual Reality Lab and a brief introduction to all projects.
Block Programming on Drones – 6.8.19 – 8.8.19 – Students from R.S.K Higher Secondary School had an exposure to the emerging Technology at SASTRA TBI and they learnt about the Block programming on Drones. All students learnt block programming and had hands-on experience on Drones.
Google Cloud Study Jam – 9.8.19 – Google’s leading edge, enterprise-ready curriculum and learning resource helps students achieve industry recognized Associate Cloud Engineer Certification. Phase 1 of the course had a great response among students of SASTRA and they had hands-on live session on Google Cloud. Six course curriculum has been offered at Coursera for students from various engineering domains.
Workshop on Blockchain – 24.8.19 – 25.8.19 – Engineering students from all streams of SASTRA University attended a two day workshop on Blockchain, its foundation and applications. They discussed cryptography, blocks, timestamp, transaction data and use cases in several industries including finance, real estate and health.
CSWA Workshop – 20.7.19 – 21.7.19 – SOLIDWORKS is a productive 3D modelling software tool and students from SASTRA University from various Engineering domains were trained in the software. Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) is a certification exam to analyze the skill and all participants cracked the examination.
UAV Pilot Training – 27.7.19, 28.7.19 & 9.8.19 – 11.8.19 – Pilot Training of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle was conducted by Aerostat for students of SASTRA University and other colleges for five days. Introduction of drones, its applications, requirement of Simulation and on how to build a Quadcopter were discussed. Students had hands-on flying with drones and they worked on fixed-wing drone and Aerial Mapping.
PoC Mentoring session at Coimbatore – 29.7.19 – MHRD’s Innovation Cell and AICTE organized national PoC contest. Selected Ideas such as Smart Irrigation, E-Catalogue, Agri UAV and AR Interior designing had regional mentoring sessions at Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore to take the innovations forward. All team members presented their Idea with the product prototype.
Exposure Visit – 3.7.19 – Engineering students from colleges around Trichy and Thanjavur visited SASTRA TBI for an exposure to emerging technologies such as 3D Printing, Internet of Things and Virtual Reality. Projects and on-going researchers on these technologies were discussed.
Workshop on 3D Printing – 9.7.19 to 12.7.19 – Students from R.S.K Higher Secondary School had a one day workshop on 3D Printing at SASTRA TBI. 120 students were totally trained on the basics of 3D Printing, designing and slicing. Models designed by students were 3D printed and they were rewarded with the printed models.