Present Incubatees

3D iMplants

Founders: Dr.Swaminathan,           Dr. Anuradha
Startup Domain: 3DPrinting,                                              Healthcare
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About Us : The primary objective is to develop personalized 3D implants. It currently works on developing different types of orthopedic implants such as screws for bone regeneration as well as personalized dental implants. It develops 3D printed objects for educational purposes for students to understand the anatomical features of the body in a better way possible. More details

Founder: Dr. R. John Bosco Balaguru
Startup Domain: Healthcare
                                                                                                                                        Contact Us:
About Us : SPEED designs and develops biosensor for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and pre-diabetic status. It uses 3D printing and IoT for the fabrication process. Initially the substrate is fabricated using a 3D printer and the electrode pattern on the substrate is transformed using screen printing. Subsequently, biosensor is integrated with semiconductor technology (IoT) for disease diagnosis. More details
3D Sirpi

Founder: Mr. Yuvaraja
Startup Domain: 3D Printing
                                                    Contact Us:
About Us : 3D Sirpi is a startup which is working on Additive Manufacturing ,3D Scanning,3D Sculpting, and 3D Design., etc. We are incubated at FIRST. We have done Projects in 3d Printing, we conduct basic, Intermediate, Advanced in 3D Sculpting Design. we provide CAD Support for Industries, Jewel makers and Medical fields.More details
RKN Antenna

Founder: Dr. Ramya Vijay
Startup Domain: Embedded and RF Systems

Contact Us:
About Us : RKN works on design and development of 3D printed antennas of light weight and creative structures. The commercial applications include Wi-Fi, GPS, Defence, 5G and wearables etc. More details
Founder: Dr. Manivannan
Startup Domain: IoT, Machine Learning
                                                    Contact Us:
About Us : nWarehouse has designed and developed IoT based solutions for the food grains wastage during storage at godowns. It has also developed IoT nodes for monitoring various food storage warehouses.

Founder: Mr. Sridharan VenkataRamanan
Startup Domain: EduTech
Contact Us:
About Us : Techशिक्षा is an Edutech startup which takes latest digital technologies to student communities across India. 3DPrinting and IoT are our two thrust areas in technology side along with required entrepreneurial add on lectures/workshops. We educate young minds in an ingenious and practical way possible. More details

Founder: Mr. Deepak
Startup Domain: Mobility, IoT
                                                      Contact Us:
About Us : Tilt deploys shared bicycles and e-bikes in Indian campuses. We partner with townships, manufacturing plants, corporate parks and universities to provide affordable and sustainable mobility for their communities. More details
Seed round from Y Combinator and other angels, VCs
New Propeller Technologies R&D Pvt Ltd

Founder: Mr. Aashik Rahman
Startup Domain: IoT, Robotics
                                                                                                                                                  Contact Us:
About Us : To address the unique needs of complex industrial environments, Propeller Technologies has developed a platform that is fully automated, industrial grade, on-demand and multi-purpose. Their services also include ZAFI robots, consulting services for ATAL Labs and training for the school students etc. More details
Fund-raised : IVP

Founder: Dr. N. Sudha
Startup Domain: AI, Assistive Tech                                                                                                                             Contact Us:
About Us : AssIst aims at providing independence, security and entertainment to elderly and differently-abled by developing Artificial Intelligence-enabled assistive devices. Some devices include smart goggles, elder monitoring activity recognition, self-driving wheel chair and ServeBot providing service etc. More details

Founder: Dr. B. Shanthi
Startup Domain: AI, Machine learning                                                                   Contact Us:
About Us : DigiQuality works on ensuring quality of the products using image processing techniques. It detects and classify parts with images as input which will further be proceeded to determine all the physical parameters. More details

Founder: Dr.G.R.Brindha
Startup Domain: Machine learning, AI
                                                                                                                                              Contact Us:
About Us : ProCrop is an AI based weed detection system with a targeted application of herbicide for weeding of row crops, meadows and intercropping cultures, allowing it to replace manual farm work with a robotic alternative. More details

Founder: Mr. S. Riyasdeen
Startup Domain: IoT, Robotics, EduTech
Contact Us :
About Us : “ Soldering Technology with Inaccessible”. We wanted to bring a change in the world with technology. We indulge in the process of creating a better world for people by creating better industrial automation systems, assistive robots, IoT solutions and a lot more technological solutions for enhancing the efficiency of the processes in various industries. We also make sure that technology reaches every student.
E Siksha

Founder: Dr.R.Elakkiya
Startup Domain: Machine learning, IoT
Contact Us:
About Us : E Siksha assists the education of school students by creating specified skillsets with Alexa. It makes learning the interactive and interesting with FAQs of all concepts. More details

Founder: Mr.Sriram
Startup Domain: IoT
                                                                  Contact Us:
About Us : Design and development of a low noise, high performance bionic axial fan for applications such as air conditioners, hair dryers, portable space heater, automobile radiators etc most of which demand virtually noise free operation.

Founders: Dr. KS Rajan, Mr.Sivabalan
Startup Domain: 3D Printing, IoT
                                                                                                Contact Us:
About Us : 3 Dimensional Printing Solutions for Research works on miniaturized platforms for research on Microfluid Platforms, Miniaturized reactor and Custom Designed Heat Exchanger. It also works on assessment of design feasibility for micro 3D printing. More details
Positive Integers

Founder: Mr.Vijay
Startup Domain: Data Analytics
                                                                    Contact Us:
About Us: Data Analytics powered decision science solutions using proprietary machine learning/artificial intelligence frameworks, cutting edge algorithms and bringing together relevant data from structured and unstructured data sources.

Founder: Mr. B.Vetriselvan
Startup Domain: IoT

Contact Us:
About Us : A Digitalised Cafeteria – App CHOWK will have Pre ordering, Live order Tracking, Vendor stock management, Vendor Dashboard covering wide range of MIS reports and Feedback management.
Avegaa Center for Excellence

Founder: Nageswar D S
Startup Domain: IoT
                                                                                                                                                                    Contact Us:
About Us : Avegaa combines Virtual Reality with Motion Capture system for Road Safety Awareness Program (RAP), which aims at creating experiential learning platform. Avegaa is an appointed State Road Safety Ambassador of Indian Road Safety Organization.
Teach VR

Founder: Mr.Arun
Startup Domain: Virtual Reality
About Us : TeachVR provides a 360 degree Virtual Reality content for process training of Manufacturing and Service Industry. VR content helps the trainees to get a better learning experience and understanding of the processes and functions by exposing them virtually to the intended work environment.

Founder: Dr. Kartik
Startup Domain: Electric Vehicle, IoT

Contact Us:
About Us : E-Vaahan is developing a multi-purpose mobile platform that can be used as lieu as a diesel powered tractor in micro-farm and in industries for carrying payloads.

Founder: Dr. Manigandan
Startup Domain: Robotics, IoT
                                                        Contact Us
About Us : Introducing the curriculum of Robotics in schools designed and manufactured at SPARK. Also it works on the development of an autonomous mobile robot platform that can be used for floor cleaning or as an assistive device for aged people.

Founder: Dr. Bharathy
Startup Domain: Virtual Reality
                                                            Contact Us:
About Us: VRuga is mainly involved in developing immersive Teaching materials for students especially for Engineering courses and 360 degree video experience on Indian heritages.
Smart Robotrac(k)e

Founder: Dr. Padmapriya
Startup Domain: IoT
                                                                  Contact Us:
About Us : Smart Robotrac(k)e – designs and develops a mobile operated robot which can be used in delivering and in collecting any material from quarantine zones.The collected materials can be tracked and route tracing can be done using QR Codes until it reaches destination.
Krishi Vimana

Founder: Dr.C. Ramprasadh
Startup Domain: Drone
                                                                                                        Contact Us:
About Us :The main objective of Krishi Vimana is to design an agricultural drone used to optimize agriculture operations, increase crop production, spraying of pesticides and provide valuable data for weather analysis.

Founder: Dr. Ashok palaniappan
Startup Domain: AI, Digital Biology
Contact Us:
About Us : iMedicine works on Artificial Intelligence for precision medicine. It uses AI for proper detection of disease and the right option of medicine.

Founders: Dr. R.Venkatraman, Mr. Sridharsundar
Startup Domain: 3D Printing
Contact Us:
About Us : SPF 3D Print has manufactured its 3D printers using FDM technology. Currently, it uses clay material for 3D printing and deals with precision forging to utilize metal 3d printed models instead of die casting. It focuses on the research and development of 3D printers (consulting Service). We also focus on developing customized 3D printers for various end applications regarding the material used.
Thumbikkai Business Solutions

Founder: Mr. Viknesh Vadivel
Startup Domain: IoT, Sensor fusion
                                                              Contact Us:
About Us: Thumbikkai Business Solutions is a unique organization in terms of its composition and the sort of projects to contribute the various industries including the medical industry, military and home automation. we are developing the world smartest, simplest & Safest IoT locker which will help individuals as well as entities to store, access & Safeguard the valuables. More details
Founder: Mr. Krishna
Startup Domain: 3D Printing
                                                            Contact Us:
About Us: The main objective of DigiDent is to develop knowledge about medical designs like cranio, splint and maxilla by using dental scanners and Haptic devices which gives the practical vision for medical studies. It creates prototype for the dental models using 3D printers. More details
Karpagam 3Dprinting
Founder: Mr. T. Praveen
Startup Domain: 3D printing
                                                                                                                                            Contact Us:
About Us: Karpagam 3D printing is started by an individual entrepreneur who has a handy Link with doctors. Karpagam 3D printing is now designing gift items, statues, electronic panels.

Founder: Mr. K. Ashwinn
Startup Domain: Robotics
                                                            Contact Us:
About Us : MANTA is into designing underwater vehicles for Surveillance and Surveying. We are currently involved in bringing a versatile, powerful and  multi-purpose Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. Our AUV addresses not only ocean related issues, but also is suited for using in commercial environments.
Founders: Mr. Balamurugan K
Startup Domain: 3DP, IoT

                                                                Contact Us:
About Us : TOYGE delivers Heritage and Traditional arts as Usable products and accessories. And we create toys and decorative items for today’s lifestyle of Indians.

Founder: Mr. K.S Hajamydeen
Startup Domain: Virtual Reality
                                                                Contact Us:
About Us : Tour VR gives the user an immersive virtual experience of the desired locations all around the world. It gives the realistic walkthrough of the place and it can be viewed anytime, anywhere.
Founder: Ms. K. Fathima,       Mr. Venkatraman
Startup Domain: Agri-IoT

Contact Us:
About Us: CropX aims to automate farming harnessing the power of IoT and Cloud Computing with its first focus on automating irrigation. Our product will be completely autonomous requiring little to no input from the farmer while proving deep insights of the farm to the farmer on an easy to use mobile/web application. More details
Founder: Mr.Pradeep Kumar Sampath
Startup Domain: AI, Data Analytics
Contact Us:
About Us: nStore offers an integrated Digital Order-To-Deliver and Customer Engagement solution to traditional,  online, mobile retailers in the unorganized segment.

Founder: Dr. K. Nigama
Startup Domain: Business simulation

Contact Us:
About Us : The main objective of STRIDE is to develop a business simulation software to enable the students to learn from a realistic version of their simulated environment, with an emphasis on decision making.
Vayu Bhuvan
Founder: Dr. N. Venkatanathan
Startup Domain: IoT, Cloud computing
                                                          Contact Us:
About Us: Vayu Bhuvan provides solutions by forecasting atmospheric phenomena using Machine learning. Various parameters like Wind Direction and Speed, Temperature, Dewpoint, Air pressure, Relative Humidity, Precipitation, Soil Moisture, Thunderstorm (TS), Rain (RA), Fog & Mist, Cloud type, nature & Height and Visibility are processed to remove noises and using “Machine Learning” algorithms solutions/advisories will be provided for various sectors like agriculture, transport and industries. More details

Founder: Mr. Devbalaji
Startup Domain: IoT
                                                            Contact Us:
About Us : IoT based FoodTech which revolutionises the in-venue ordering experience at restaurants and cafes.

Founder: Mr.Sundaresan
Startup Domain: Drone
                                                      Contact Us:
About Us : Aerostat works on core research and development of drones and robotics with artificial intelligence, as well as providing learning platform for drones and robotics development. At aerostat we design, customize and develop drones as per industrial application needs.

Founder: Mr. Shyam
Startup Domain: 3D Printing
                                              Contact Us:
About Us : MagicShapes primarily provides prototyping solutions for startups, industries and research projects. It also provides 3D printed gifts with highest order of customization and directly convert ideas into actual products.