About us

iHarvest provides an robotic harvesting technology with an autonomous Agri-bot for picking fruits and vegetables from the plants at the appropriate time with a proper robotic-vision algorithms and movable end-effector tool design.
Team: Ms. Sowndarya
            V.Gopi Varma, Santhana Krishna K, Muhammath Ashik Farhan S and Karanam Vamsi Krishna

Our Work


Now-a-days getting labor for agricultural work is getting hard, and the way to avoid those kind of problems is to spend a lot of money on equipment. It may be a good solution for the large scale farming, but  the small scale farmers having one or two acres of land can’t afford them. The solution should be efficient to do the job and should be affordable to all level of farmers. This bot deals with automating the repetitive work of manual seeding in less time and effort. It also doesn’t require any skilled labors to control it. The 3D printed models have been used to store and sow the seeds. The robot can be controlled through Bluetooth by a mobile app. The Bluetooth is used to avoid network problems which will occur Wi-Fi controlled robots.